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Large size condensers

Aluventa® produces condensers from 400x381mm to 4000x1200mm. The large size condensers will avoid the problem of having to connect several smaller condensers in parallel. All condensers can be tailored to fit the application.

Dimensioning software, AluHex

Aluventa® has developed an accurate software for dimensioning of our all aluminium condensers. The software is tested by Technological Institute, Denmark.

Product design, Aluventa Design Guideline

The parallel flow design offers great flexibility when it comes to circuiting and the condenser can even be designed with a subcooling section for improved COP. Our condensers can be customized to meet specific working conditions and can be shaped to match the application. Please see the available design under the specific product or download the Aluventa Design Guideline

Product selection, Aluventa Selection Guideline

Aluventa have compiled all our knowhow in the Aluventa Selection Guideline in order guide our customers when selecting a product for a given operation environment. The Aluventa Selection Guideline gives a relevant information and guidance in how to evaluate an installation site and select the right coil for your application. This includes information and recommendation on available coatings for extra corrosion protection of the coils.

Flexibility in production

Our modern and flexible production facilities enable cost effective solutions for both batch and series production: to large size

  • Available as one-off
  • Small and medium batches
  • Series production


Aluventa A/S is an ISO 9001 certified company (DS/EN ISO 9001:2008). All coils are produced under the Aluventa advanced Quality System to ensure a consistent high quality level. All products and materials are recorded with full traceability according to requirements of PED 97/23/EC and ISO 9001. The coil is pressure and leak tested using Helium mass spec. technology. The test is carried out at 50 bar as part of the quality control. The coil can be delivered sealed with a pressurized protective gas.

Product types

Aluventa® has developed different of product types in order to supply optimized coils for all kind of applications and refrigerant. You can find the product types below and further information is available on each specific product type:


  • C-180 Condenser coil with 18mm profile optimized for small units and R410a
  • C-250 Condenser coil with 25mm profile optimized for medium and large units and R410a
  • C-251 Condenser coil with 25mm profile optimized for medium and large units and R134a